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Santa Paula

Stryker Paintball & Airsoft

Ventura County's Premier Paintball & Airsoft Park

Premier Paintball & Airsoft Park

Without Premium Prices!

Make Paintball a Family Event

Why play video games when you can be the real deal?

Coworkers Become Co-Warriors

Paintball is the ultimate team building sport.

Paintball or Airsoft Party!

Your party or special event will be hassle free and memorable!

Stryker's Paintball

Stryker PA is the ultimate outdoor paintball park in Southern California. Paintball is safe yet guaranteed to deliver heart-pounding excitement. Paintball players will play on multiple, over the top scenario fields or airball field.

Stryker's Airsoft

Airsoft players will be immersed in a MILSIM atmosphere that will have players thinking they’re on a special operations mission in a foreign land. Use tactical planning and teamwork to overpower the enemy.

Parties & Events

We can give you one of our hassle free turnkey events or you can add on as much as you like. With your reservation you will be assigned a dedicated event specialist for the day of your party.


Contact us at : (805) 217-4029 | Saturday-Sunday 9am - 4pm | Weekdays by Appointment

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