We Are open! Covid 19 safety compliant!

Keeping you safe


Keep the Mask

We no longer use rental safety masks.  With every rental package you will now receive a new mask.  You keep the mask!  We made masks mandatory long before Covid19 was a thing!

Social Distancing

Paintball and airsoft are non-contact sports.  We have always enforced a 10 foot engagement rule for both activities.  We have 20 acres of space so you will have plenty of room to spread out.  If you feel the need for more space bring your own lawn chairs and relax.  Cars are allowed in our safe area so pull up, unload and have fun!


All rental equipment is sanitized twice before you touch it.   Once when it is returned and then again before it is rented out.  No single piece of equipment is rented more than once a day.  Additionally, hand sanitizer and running water are available.  

Supervised Play

Our staff has been trained to make sure you're safe while having a good time.  Everyone at Stryker has been trained with an emphasis on sanitation and social distancing.  If you book a private party you will have a dedicated referee to lead your group.  Walk on play is always supervised.  

Suggested Additional Protection

We have exceeded CDC, state and county Covid19 safety guidelines.  For an added level of protection here are some things that you can do.  

  • Bring some old rags to wipe off gear and masks.  This is especially helpful for paintball.  
  • Bring a marker so you can put your name on your gear, water bottles or anything else that might accidentally be shared.   
  • Bring your own lawn chairs.  We have picnic table but lawn chairs can give you a little extra spacing.  
  • Pack a lunch or bring snacks.  We can order food for you but if you want an extra level of comfort bring your own.
  • If you or anyone in your group has a fever please stay home and reschedule.  
  • Print the waiver and sign it prior to checking in.